Troubled Face System for Unbalanced Complexions

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DESCRIPTION:: Our skin is constantly "talking" to us, letting us know at all times what it needs. When it isn't happy, it is sure to communicate that to us.

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The entire Troubled Face Care System collection contains the seven products in the above picture, and is nestled inside a lovely zippered, mesh cosmetic bag, perfect for traveling. View all product ingredients with full descriptions by clicking on individual products on the website.

 Beautiful skin begins with exceptional skin care. There is no reason you should ever wish to hide your gorgeous complexion. Our skin is constantly "talking" to us, letting us know at all times what it needs. When it isn't happy, it is sure to communicate that to us. Learning how to care for your face is an art. Knowing how to properly cleanse your face, as well as understanding the nutrients it craves, is all a part of balancing your complexion. La Sunflower offers a troubled-skin face care system where the synergistic, healing power of plants and herbs results in a complexion that is nourished and balanced. Show off your beautiful countenance with confidence and joy!

We utilize beautiful, well coordinated, organic botanicals that supplement and reinforce, while keeping your skin feeling and looking young, healthy and gorgeous. Using the five step daily skin care regimen boosts the synergistic effect to promote a healthy, radiant appearance. All of this goodness without any potentially damaging petrochemicals and estrogen-mimicking ingredients!       

 Your 5-Step Cleansing Procedure:

Step One: Sunflower Cleansing Oil: Use AM & PM. A nutrient-rich penetrating cleansing oil that removes heavy oils & impurities from deep within the skin's layers

Pink Grapefruit Exfoliant twice a week. Revitalizes and restores your glow by eliminating depleted skin cells through deep pore exfoliation, helps to even skin tone

Step Two: 3&1 Eye Oil - Use each evening; Nourishes delicate skin around eyes, removes makeup, stimulates healthy lash growth, addresses fine lines & laugh lines

Step Three: Bilberry Toner – Use AM & PM. Restores uneven skin tone, refreshes, purifies, balances ph, addresses uneven pigmentation, reduces redness & irritation

Step Four: Antioxidant Serum- Use AM & PM; Your nutrient-dense beauty elixir! Provides cellular nutrition, brightens & balances skin tone, regenerates healthy skin cells, addresses acne, rosacea, eczema, scars

Step Five: Apricot Moisturizer: use AM & PM; perfect moisturizer for troubled, unbalanced skin, hydrates, promotes healthier skin-cell renewal, combats acne-prone, congested skin

Papaya Mango Nutrient Face Mask:  This is your secret weapon for a radiant, vibrant complexion! Use once a week. Exfoliates & removes depleted skin cells, delivers oxygen to the cells, promotes a healthy, glowing complexion. 

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