Temporarily Sold Out! Sunflower Garden In A Bag For Budding Gardeners!

Height: 10.50 Inches
Width: 6.50 Inches
Depth: 2.50 Inches
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La Sunflower's Garden-In-A-Bag for budding gardeners! Makes an awesome gift for your nature enthusiast! This Sunflower Garden-in-a-Bag, is specifically designed for children and can be grown indoors, right in the leak-proof bag. Included are all the components your little, curious gardener needs to experience success.  A perfect way for a child to express themselves and design a personalized garden for their own enjoyment or as a gift for someone special. Crayons or paints are all that is needed to make a work of art that reveals the simple beauty of childhood and gardening. Includes a bright yellow wooden stake to help support the sunflower when it reaches it full height.

Contents of Bag Includes: 120mg. organic sunflower seeds, soil-less growing medium, coco chips, garden stake, leak-proof plant bag, label of sunflower ready for artistic touch

Type of Sunflower: (Helianthus Annus) Our mini-sunflower is a French dwarf variety that is easy to grow indoors on any sunny windowsill.

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