Sisal Soap Sack: Sisal from the hemp plant, offers a stiff, fiber-like texture, perfect for exfoliation

Height: 5.50 Inches
Width: 3.50 Inches
Depth: 0.25 Inches
Stock: 0
DESCRIPTION: Sisal is from the hemp plant and offers a stiff, fiber-like texture for body care products. An excellent way to exfoliate from head to toe!

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Benefits and How To Use:
*  Slide your soap into the sisal hemp fiber sack, pull the drawstring close, and you are ready to exfoliate your entire body.
* This ultimate absorbing sisal-hemp material, helps clean pores and is comfortable and durable to use. 
* After showering, you may choose to either remove soap from sack to allow soap and fiber sack to dry, or hang up sack with soap left inside for your next use. 

Customer Reviews (1)

Soap Sack

Posted by Melissa Collins on 25th Feb 2020
I was unsure about this product. It does what it needs to though. i wish it was like a hand mitt, a bit bigger. i have been using it for a few weeks now daily and it's still holding up. Would love to have a mitt or glove type soap sack in the future.
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