Rescue Salve: Your Complete First-Aide Kit In A Can


An entire first-aid kit in one simple salve. A powerful, anti-bacterial/anti-fungal, anti-inflammatory salve made from an herbal extraction of roots, flowers & leaves that no family should be without!


A powerful, anti-bacterial/anti-fungal, anti-inflammatory salve made from an herbal extraction of roots, flowers & leaves noted to draw-out poison & infection. Wonderful for eczema, dermatitis, psoriasis, fungal infections, cracked hands, chapped lips, burns, diaper rash, bed sores, severe itchiness and wound care. Perfectly safe & effective for diaper rash and baby skin irritations. It's truly a family's first aide kit in a can! 100% Organic

Free of artificial fragrances, colors, drying alcohols, sulfates, parabens, phthalates, petrochemicals, gluten-free, kosher, vegan, cruelty-free. Made in the USA

This product and statements have not been evaluated or approved by the Food and Drug Administration. La Sunflower’s statements or products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease or illness.


Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil Infused with Organic Plantain Leaf, Organic Calendula Flower, Organic Comfrey Leaf, Organic Yarrow Flower, Organic Rosemary Leaf, Organic Echinacea Root, Organic Echinacea Herb, Organic Tamanu Oil, Organic Unrefined Beeswax, Organic Tea Tree Essential Oil, Organic Lavender Essential Oil

Apply generously to irritated skin, wound, itchy rash, insect bites, stings, diaper rash, bed-sores and/or chafed, chapped, cracked skin. Reapply several times a day, if needed. Use externally. Safe for children & infants. Not to be ingested.

I am a magnet for poison ivy. If it's in the area, I get it. This year I had one of the worst breakouts I've had in a long time. Heard about your salve & thought I'd give it a try. It was like I could feel it pulling the itch & swelling from my arms & legs. It looks so much better in just a few days instead of it taking weeks and weeks. I'm sold! Dorrie H.

I purchased the Rescue Salve for my son's eczema and all I can say is WOW! I am so relieved that his itching has stopped and the skin looks so much better. It's been a difficult struggle to find something that truly works for eczema, so I am grateful for your salve. Will pass the word along! Mary C.

Not gonna believe this but i used your Rescue Salve on my dog's hot spots. The results were instantaneous! The itching appeared to stop and finally the sore spots are healing. Thought you might want to know! Jeff D.

This salve really is like a first aide kit! Took it on our family vacation. Took care of our sunburns, my husbands's cut finger, the kids' insect bites, and my mother's painful knee. Planning on ordering more! Lori F.

I sprained my ankle badly and thought to massage my Rescue Salve into my foot. I'm amazed that the swelling has actually diminished. I'm using it every 2 to 3 hours- massaging it in well and I couldn't be more pleased. Dana P.

My husband totally swiped MY Rescue Salve as his own...mosquito bites, wrinkles, sunburn, itches from the yard,'s his now!! Ramona D.

Recently, my husband started using the Rescue Salve for his head and face to treat keratosis/sun damage and it has never looked better! This is after having several treatments by a dermatologist and using creams the dermatologist prescribed that just haven't worked. Thank you for a great product! Cheryl C.

I have suffered with hives for the past five years. Nothing at all seemed to help. I tried everything and figured it was just something I needed to live with. I put your Rescue Salve all over my hive breakouts and they were gone in 30 minutes!!! I'm totally sold. Thank you!!!! Martha G.

My husband never believes me when I start in on organic products being something he needs to be open- minded about. The other night, he came in with numerous mosquito bites, which I immediately used the Rescue Salve upon. Needless to say, he was so impressed, he's now taking the salve on a fishing trip this! Lee B.

I was bitten by a brown recluse spider and my wound was horrible looking. Neucrotic decay of tissue continued for at least 2 months. No matter the doctor's recommendation, the wound would not heal. Was on antibiotics for weeks. Finally, I was introduced to the Rescue Salve which was the ONLY thing that totally healed the wound. Healthy tissue growth began to take over until it was totally healed in approximately two weeks. Nancy V.

For two weeks I have been suffering from a very serious case of poison ivy that covered me literally from head-to-toe, eyes and neck swollen, as the huge dose of poison was invading lymphatic system. Resulting in three trips to the emergency room as my condition kept escalating, a dermatologist biopsy, and rounds of very strong steroids, my skin was in very serious shape. It was recommended I call Lynne and tell her what was going on and get some help . Lynne called me back right away and we talked for about 30 minutes (I fell in love right away). I ordered everything she recommended: Himalayan Bath Salt, Rescue Salve, Fly Away Critter Spray, Tee Tree Soap, Cucumber Lotion, and Elderberry Elixir. All I know to say is that I am completely AMAZED at how my skin and my emotional wellbeing have responded to Lynne’s passion and intelligence she places into her products. From the moment the first product touched my skin I received instant relief. I didn’t know products like this, that are good for you and natural, existed. I can’t say ‘thank you’ enough and need to know where have you been all my life? Kelly S.

I met you at the Crozet Arts & Craft Festival. I was the one who stopped by with the terrible, rough hands. You turned me on to the Rescue Salve. I've been using it as you instructed ever since. It has worked wonders not only on my hands but my scaly, dry legs, as well. We have ordered other products and love everything we have gotten! Lori T.

This salve is the best addition to my health “arsenal”! It has wonderful healing properties and I am so glad you offer this. Your products seem to me like they come from both science and the heart. It’s a wonderful combination. Thank you! Mary Jo

What can I say, like all of also Sunflower’s products, it does what it says. It truly has rescued me many times-lips, site healing and a bad cut. We have several for immediate use when needed. Marsha

Woke up Friday morning and discovered I had a tick so embedded in my skin that my husband would not touch it. He took me to Urgent Care where it took at Dr AND a Nurse to remove it (and, yes the words "I'm gonna need a scalpel" were said). When all was said and done I was left with quite an open wound. They sent me home with antibiotic cream, which I used for a day and a half with NO real results.
I switched to Rescue Salve....within the same day my wound was 75% better. The angry red look of the wound had softened and healing had begun!!! I am grateful for this beautiful product! :) Mona

This is absolutely my favorite product! I suffered a good size steam burn on my arm last year. My daughter had an awful sunburn last summer. Not only did the salve heal our burns quickly, it soothed the pain from the burns. It's also great for mosquito bites, rashes, cuts, and psoriasis. I ALWAYS make sure I have a salve in my car, bag, home and at work. Donna

I had gone camping and got chiggers in a bad way and Rescue salve has taken away the itch. THANK you for this product! I also use the CBD salve in the winter time on my hands. I keep a can at work and a can at home. Thank you for your products. Doug

Excellent product for absolutely anything that needs help on my body! Laura

Customer Reviews

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Patricia Tomarelli
It’s a repeat

I bring it with me wherever I go. It’s grandma’s magic solve.

Angelina Cobb
Rescue Salve

This stuff is amazing. I used it on my acne breakouts when nothing else seemed to work. Dab it on the acne spot overnight and in the morning i noticed the size was reduced. I also put it on the cracks on my fingers, heals up quick

Kim Brown
Love love this salve!

I have one in almost every room and in my purse!!! It’s so good for anything!

Barb Davis
Eczema Fingers & Family Love!

Just wanted to let you know how much we love your Rescue Salve! We use it for everything! My 12 year old grandson has dry/chapped/eczema fingers, so I just ordered him some. I can't wait to see how fast it works for him! I've used it on all my grandkids (7) and they have always called it 'Nanny cream'! Thanks again for a product that we ALL can count on for the entire household!

Thank you for sharing! We LOVE hearing our Rescue Salve success stories! I just know the salve will help your grandson's eczema fingers!

Lee Buchanan
Rescue Salve

Rescue Salve certainly lives up to its name! I accidentally grabbed my heated flat iron before it fell on the floor and burned four of my fingers. The burns were not serious, but very painful. I quickly applied Rescue Salve and within minutes it was like nothing had ever happened! Five stars are not enough!

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