Magnesium Oil Spray: Powerhouse For Pain, Migraine Relief, Bone Health AND Hair Loss!


Supplementing with Magnesium Oil is like offering a mineral elixir to every single cell in the human body. It's many balancing benefits, can be integrated into anyone’s daily routine or nighttime ritual. Journey one-step closer to feeling better in your body.

Utilizing magnesium oil is a viable solution to stopping hair from falling out & stimulating regrowth in individuals dealing with hair loss.

Delivers 200mg. of concentrated elemental magnesium per 10 sprays.  

Magnesium works within our cells — the powerhouses, factories and regulators of the body’s systems. Its crucial role in over 300 fundamental biochemical reactions affects the brain, the muscles, the heart and blood vessels, and ultimately our overall health and well-being. Take a look below at some of its benefits:

Stress Relief: Promotes relaxation, relieves nervous tension, mild anxiety & stress

No laxative effect like oral magnesium supplements!

A Good Night's Sleep: Aids restful sleep by slowing sensory activity & quietens the mind to help you fall into a deeper, more sustained sleep cycle. Safe for babies & children.

Muscular Health: Supports muscle contraction and relaxation functions; highly effective in relieving leg/foot cramps & Restless Leg Syndrome; eases joint mobility

Muscle Pain: Helps alleviate mild muscle pain, inflammation, muscle soreness.

PMS Symptom Relief: Helps relieve PMS symptoms, cramps and spasms

Eases Migraines: Magnesium is known as the relaxation mineral, opening pathways for oxygen & blood flow to the brain. Rub magnesium oil or lotion liberally on body, and base of brainstem for relief.

Soothes Problematic Skin: Works wonders on problematic skin! Soothes & relieves dry, sensitive skin conditions, including mild forms of eczema, dermatitis & even mild to moderate acne!

Pregnancy & Breastfeeding Safe

Delivers 200mg. of concentrated elemental magnesium per 10 sprays.

Free from fillers, dyes, preservatives, artificial scents & chemically-laden preservatives, formaldehyde, parabens, mercury, lead, arsenic, fluoride

This product and statements have not been evaluated or approved by the Food and Drug Administration. La Sunflower’s statements or products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease or illness.

Warning: If you have low heart rates, please consult your doctor before use, as magnesium relaxes your body.


What Exactly Is Magnesium Oil Spray? Magnesium oil is a highly concentrated liquid form of magnesium chloride. It's really not an oil at all, but rather a highly saturated solution of magnesium chloride in water, along with other trace elements. It presents itself in an oil-like texture.

What is transdermal magnesium therapy? It’s just a fancy and more scientific way to describe applying magnesium oil onto the surface of the skin—whether as a spray, a lotion, or used in a full-body or foot bath. Transdermal means crossing over or through the skin.

Where does your magnesium come from? Our magnesium is sourced directly from the Zechstein Sea bed in the Netherlands, an ancient sea bed protected from modern pollution.

Why is magnesium oil spray better than magnesium pills? Magnesium oil is ideal because it is more rapidly absorbed through the skin and into the bloodstream, elevating low or depleted levels of magnesium much more quickly into your body than pills or supplements. Magnesium pills must travel through the digestive tract where absorbability is much less effective. Using a spray, allows the magnesium to bypass the digestive tract and go directly into the muscles, bones, and cells where it is absorbed and utilized.

How Much Magnesium Oil Do I Spray On My Skin? We recommend 10-20 sprays per use, depending on your tolerance and needs. If you are new to magnesium oil, we suggest building up your tolerance by splitting up sprays (e.g., 10 sprays in the morning, and 10 sprays at night).

What Is The Daily Recommended Amount of Magnesium For Men and Women? Women: 310-320mg. Men: 410-420mg.

How Much Magnesium Is There Per Spray? Every spray is slightly different based on how much pressure you use. However, on average, we estimate about 200 mg per 10 sprays.

Where Is The Best Place To Apply Magnesium Oil? Most people spray it on their arms, legs, feet, hair, chest and/or stomach. Some people with specific issues like leg or muscle cramps will spray and massage it onto that part of their body. We recommend gently massaging it into your skin. Once absorbed through your skin, the magnesium will be carried to different parts of your body. To get the maximum benefits, make sure your skin is clean; this will help the magnesium absorb better and faster. Try applying the spray after a shower, when your skin is clean and warm, and your pores are more open.

Why do I feel a stinging or itching sensation? If your body’s cellular magnesium levels are low and you apply magnesium oil directly onto your skin, it may sometimes sting or tingle a little. This is not an allergic reaction—magnesium is found naturally in the body and is vital to good health. Your body is simply building a tolerance to magnesium, a large molecule being rapidly absorbed through your skin. Over time and with gradual use, this sensation usually decreases, or you may wish to try our magnesium lotion for a more gentle application.

Is Magnesium Oil Safe To Use During Pregnancy? Yes. During pregnancy, appropriate levels of magnesium help to keep the uterus from contracting prematurely. Moreover, it is also helpful in reducing leg cramps. Taking magnesium during pregnancy is important as it supports building of bones, regulates insulin and blood sugar levels and the functioning of enzymes. But we recommend to always check with your doctor.

Is La Sunflower's Magnesium Oil Tested For Heavy Metals? Yes. Every batch of magnesium flakes used to make our oil goes through batch-testing for heavy metals and other impurities. Only if it passes certain quality thresholds, is it packaged for export from the Netherlands.

Is Magnesium Oil Safe To Use If I Have Kidney Issues? If you have kidney failure or are on a dialysis machine, please do not attempt magnesium supplementation without medical supervision. Doing so may lead to excess magnesium build-up because it may not be eliminated in your urine.

Is Magnesium Oil safe to use on children? Yes. But we recommend using the Magnesium Lotion on children simply because it is offers a more hydrating, gentle delivery system.

Unadulterated Pure Magnesium Chloride (drawn from the Netherland's Ancient Zechstein Seabed- the most pristine, toxin-free source of natural Magnesium Chloride in the world); Purified Water; Preservative-Free Organic Inner Filet Aloe Vera Juice; Organic Sunflower Seed Oil; Trace Minerals

For ease of use, apply magnesium oil to the skin by dispensing 1-3 sprays into a cupped hand and rub into the skin thoroughly. Repeat several times. For best results, apply magnesium liberally to clean skin of torso, legs, and arms. Avoid sensitive areas, mucus membranes, open cuts & freshly shaven areas. If irritation, redness or discomfort occurs, discontinue use. NOT FOR INTERNAL USE.

For Hair Loss or Baldness: About 2 to 3 times a week, spray 10 to 15 sprays onto scalp & massage into areas of concern. Let magnesium oil remain on scalp overnight and shower it out in the morning. .

Customer Reviews

Based on 21 reviews
Kim Brown
Migraine vs Magnesium Oil

Magnesium Oil is always the winner!!! I spray the back of my neck and shoulders every night before bedtime. The magnesium completely relaxes me and helps with migraine pain. I wake up refreshed. It’s wonderful!!!!

Beth Marshall
Cyst All Gone!

I had a cyst surgically removed and it returned. I used your magnesium oil and the cyst completely disappeared! Even my scar diminished by 95%. A superior product!

Beth, we are delighted to hear how our magnesium oil addressed your cyst! Many customers have experienced the same with cysts returning after surgery, not realizing that our magnesium oil is the perfect solution to this issue. So happy for you! Also glad to hear the scarring is just about gone!

Quick Hair Regrowth!

I bought this after experiencing pretty severe postpartum hair loss. Within a couple weeks of use, I started to see very quick regrowth! I am so thankful to have found this product!

Thank you for the review Rebecca! We are thrilled with your results and we know it will help others as well.



Martin R.
Super For Thinning Hair

I've been dealing with my hair thinning and looking sparse in some spots. Have tried a world of products to no avail. As per your suggestion, I began massaging the magnesium oil onto my scalp 2 to 3 times a week before bed. I'd let the oil stay on overnight and shower it out in the morning. After about 3 weeks, to my surprise, new hair growth is occurring AND my hair isn't coming out nearly as much when using a brush. I am more than pleased with this product!

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