Organic Elderberry Elixir With Echinacea & Fresh Ginger: Antiviral Powerhouse With Extra-Strength Immune Support


Elderberry naturally boosts immunity and has incredible health benefits. When taken at the onset of symptoms, this anti-viral powerhouse helps reduce the duration & severity of colds, flu, bronchitis, sinus congestion, nausea & more. 

What makes La Sunflower's Elderberry Elixir one of the most potent offerings in today's elderberry market? We wouldn't think of using powdered spices, flavorings, elderberry juice and preservatives. Instead, we utilize the actual chunks of fresh ginger, the whole roots of echinacea, organic cinnamon sticks (not cinnamon powder), whole star anise (not anise powder), whole elderberries (not elderberry juice/flavoring), etc. We  slowly simmer the herbs over low heat most of the day while carefully infusing the fresh honey off the hive at just the right temperature. Made fresh every week. A work of art as well as a gem of a product for your overall health and wellness!


Today, elderberry is most often taken to boost immunity and to treat symptoms of respiratory infections related to the common cold and flu. La Sunflower's Elderberry Elixir is made with 100% organic ingredients & made in small batches to ensure potency & effectiveness.

The Science Behind Our Elderberry Elixir: In short, elderberries are tasty viral fighters. They contain compounds inhibiting flu & cold viruses from penetrating cell membranes and prevent the viruses from invading respiratory tract cells. Current research shows elderberries can inhibit replication of human influenza A and B viruses up to 90%. Clinical studies show that flu patients treated with elderberry recovered significantly quicker than those patients not treated with elderberries. Taken daily, you can guard against upcoming illness before it becomes a full-blown flu or cold.

This product and statements have not been evaluated or approved by the Food and Drug Administration. La Sunflower’s statements or products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease or illness.


Purified Water, Organic Whole Elderberries, Organic Raw Honey, Organic Echinacea Root, Organic Elderberry Flowers, Organic Ginger Root, Organic Cinnamon Sticks, Organic Clove Buds, Organic Chinese Star Anise

Take a daily dose 5 days a week to maintain healthy immune system. Standard dose for children is ½ to 1 teaspoon daily. Adult dose is ½ to 1 Tablespoon daily. It is best to take your Elderberry Elixir on the very first onset of symptoms, rather than waiting till symptoms are full-blown. Immediately when you feel the onset of a sore throat or sniffle, take your elderberry elixir every 4 hours for the first 24 hours. This enables the compounds in the elderberry to immediately inhibit replication of influenza viruses, thus reducing the duration & severity of symptoms. Refrigerate.

NOTE! This product contains raw, unprocessed honey. Do not give to children under one year of age.

I love this product! I teach kindergarten students and as you can imagine, germs are everywhere! Previously, when I got a cold, it almost always went into a sinus infection. I have not had a single sinus infection since I started using the Elderberry Elixir! I did not get a flu shot last year & did not get the flu, even though I was exposed to it on all sides. Carolyn R.

We don't take the flu shot, with all it's (what I consider ) terrible-for-you ingredients. Instead, we use natural, organic products to build our immune systems. So, your Elderberry Elixir, is our daily go-to immune booster. Love knowing it is made with the purest of ingredients because La Sunflower wouldn't have it any other way -Mona F.

I have taken this elixir for two years & have not had to go to the doctor for sickness, nor have I had to miss work. I work with kindergarteners, and they are always touching things and carrying things around, including germs. I feel that this helps me stay healthy, keeping away flu and other sicknesses that I come into contact with anywhere I go. It is good to know that this elixir offers me the defense I need! -Susan G.

I cannot begin to tell you how awesome your elixir is and how it helps me. This is my fifth bottle of elixir this year. I've stopped purchasing other flu, cold, or allergy meds from the drug stores. Just recently I felt a coughing spell coming on. Your elixir took care of it within 24 hours. This product you must try! Suzanne R. - Charlottesville,

I had surgery in May, am on my second bottle of elixir and have not had any compromised immune issues. Pretty sure the elixir helped keep sickness away since my immune system has been low. Thank you! Thank you! -Sue H.

I feel like I am in a cone of invincibility when I take the elixir. I think it must be like the old Popeye cartoon where he eats the spinach and gets all strong. My microbes are Popeye, doing the happy dance and killing off the bad guys somehow. It is delicious too, much better than the store bought types I have tried when I didn't have any of your elixir on hand. -Debbie M.

My mom has had cancer twice and beat it both times. With all the chemo her immune system isn't bouncing back. I got this for the both of us because I work with the public and I can't bare the thought of bringing colds to my mom. We are doing great! Thank you for creating this, my sweet Lynne! Crystal D.

Pretty miraculous how much better I feel today after taking your elixir for my chest congestion! It just took 24 hours for me to feel a notable difference. Amazing stuff! Thanks many times over. Martha L.

Help! I'm out of the magic elixir! Got to get some today! May I drop by the shop? Donna M.

The elixir is very special to my well-being and health. I thank you immensely. Ann C.

I have tried many different things to boost my immune system but La Sunflower's Elderberry Elixir is the clear winner. Best of all, both my children love it. That is a first! Grace M.- Charlotte, NC

This is the very first year my immune system hasn't been overwhelmed by germs. Honestly, I have to attribute that to your Herbs & Honey Syrup AND Elderberry Elixir. They have made a substantial difference, not only in how I feel but eliminating my usual full blown infections that send me running to the doctor. From now on, your syrups will ALWAYS be a part of my health care routine. Mary in Minnesota

Everyone around me has had the flu this winter. I keep taking my daily dose of elderberry elixir! And I especially trust the pure ingredients La Sunflower uses.

I like to use this elixir to build up my immunity all throughout the year. However, during cold and flu season, I increase the dosage and it has managed to keep me from catching what everyone else gets. What I spend on it is minimal compared to doc visits and pharmaceutical products that are full of chemicals! Doe

Very good product to help lessen or not get sore throats or colds. Brenda

Best product ever!!!! I got sick recently and restocked my supply, took it very 4 hrs and was well In 2 days. It is great for your immune system, health, inner body digestion!!! Katina

I have a really bad immune system and the elixir has kept me from getting sick this winter. Everyone around me has had the creepy crud going around. But taking the elixir daily has made a huge difference. I highly recommend this product. Shirley

This is fantastic. I always use it to keep from getting sick. I love the ease of ordering it online when I do not have the time to come in. Terri

What a great product. My husband started a cold and I convinced him to try the Elderberry Elixir. He did and admitted later he had never gotten over a cold so quickly. the next time he started with the sniffles, he asked for the Elderberry. I now bought him the Honey Herb syrup for the lingering cough. (I use it as well!)

Every time I have gotten a cold I always kept it well over 10 days and sometimes had to go to the doctor. About a month ago I started sneezing with a scratchy throat. As soon as I came home I took the Elderberry and again the next 2 days twice a day. The cold never came on full force like it had before, It was gone within that 2 days. I make sure I always have a bottle on hand. Marsha

Just got a new order. Even my husband likes the Elderberry Elixir. He is not big on looking for healthy products, so when he likes something you know it is 5 star. His comment, "It is very good and it works!" Bravo! Jodi

I have ordered this elixir 4 times now. It is delicious. It has kept my immune system strong all fall and winter long. I have not even had to take my usual allergy meds this year, and I take lots of other immune support supplements. Adding this has been a blessing! Also, this site is always in stock. I just ordered a back up as we headed into the Covid-19 madness and was so afraid it would be out of stock, but was available! Thanks Lynne & Barb! Amber

I love this elixir! It is totally helping me to avoid viruses, and it also has a wonderful taste! Joy

The taste is superb. I have tried others. No comparison. This is a part of our morning ritual for health. Jody

I love this product! My husband and I have been taking it for about two months and we have not had any colds! Some of my friends had highly recommended it to me, saying they have been taking it for a couple of years and have been free of colds and other respiratory illnesses. So, I am all in favor of it! I love the flavor and I love that we are helping our immune systems! Jilly

Simply stated: A Great product. Laura

Wonderful product! Take daily to assist in staying healthy. Love it is locally made and they have wonderful customer service! Thank you La Sunflower! Alyssa

LaSunflower Elderberry Elixir has become an absolute staple in our house for over a year now. Our fridge is never without it, and my husband and I take it faithfully every day. We love that we are doing something good to support our immune systems, and we trust LaSunflower to provide the purity in the product that we enjoy. We continue to stay free of colds and other respiratory illnesses. It tastes good too! Thank you, Lynne and Barb, for keeping us healthy! Joy T.

I’ve been purchasing this elderberry for awhile now and my kids love it. They take it every day! It has helped to keep my kiddos healthy. Thank you so much for making this so convenient to get! Sandy

As always, I continue to be pleased with the Elderberry Elixir from LaSunflower! It has been keeping us healthy for a couple of years, and we take it every morning. I know it is made from pure organic ingredients of superior quality, and it tastes really good, too! It is definitely helping us to keep those nasty viruses away. Thanks, Lynn and Barb! Tulsy

We have taken La Sunflower's Elderberry Elixir for over a year and have stayed so healthy. I am so happy to have found this great product and will continue to take it. Thank you LaSunflower! Carol

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Best Elderberry Elixir I’ve Tried Yet!

I am a connoisseur of many different types of elixirs and I want you to know that your elderberry elixir with echinacea is by far a superior product. It kept me healthy during Covid, and continues to keep me healthy thru the following flu and viral seasons. As for me, this is a five star product I will continue to utilize.

Kathy T.
Great Elderberry Elixir!

This product is amazing! I took a break from using the elixir. I kinda forgot about it...... and realized I was missing something...... I started using it again two weeks ago and found the pep in my step back already!


I am an elementary school teacher. Elderberry elixir helps me fight off all the germs I am exposed to.


I love elderberry elixir! It really boosts my immune system.

Joy Tobias
Elderberry Elixir

My husband and I have been taking La Sunflower Elderberry Elixir every morning for several years, even before the pandemic. We know it is keeping us healthy and providing good protection against colds, flu and other bugs out there. We love the wonderful organic ingredients that have been shown to have anti viral qualities, and we love how it tastes! We even take it with us when we go on vacation! Thank you for this valuable product! We hope you never stop making it!

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