3 in 1 Eye Oil: Organic Eye Makeup Remover, Stimulates Lash Growth & Moisturizes

Our best selling eye care product that accomplishes 3 BIG purposes in one little bottle!

A gentle, highly effective eye oil that truly does exactly what it claims to do! Perfect for sensitive skin.

Why You Will Love Our Eye Oil:
* a gentle, yet wonderfully effective makeup remover
for eyes & face
* stimulates eyelash growth
* soothes and hydrates delicate skin around eyes
* perfect to leave on overnight for deep moisturizing of
fine lines

Free of parabens, petroleum/mineral oil, phthalates, synthetic fragrance, colorants, sulfates, drying alcohols. Vegan & gluten free. Made in USA.

This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.

2 oz/ 60 ml

Organic Olive Oil, Organic Fractionated Coconut Oil, Organic Cucumber Extract, Alcohol-free Witch Hazel, Organic Lavender Essential Oil, Vitamin E derived from Sunflowers

Apply eye oil to cotton round & gently swipe from corner of eye outward to remove makeup from lashes & eye lids. Also, can be used to remove face makeup. Follow with cleanser of choice.
You may wish to apply a thin layer of eye oil on lids & eye area as an overnight moisturizer.

What a difference the eye oil has made! My eyes had started the winter dryness cycle, and now the skin feels nourished. Just what I needed to help tackle Old Man Winter's impact on my eyes and face! Pat S.

Love, love this eye oil! It really does the three things that it claims! Does a great job removing my eye makeup. Before bed, I wash my face with your cleanser, and reapply the 3 in 1 eye oil on my eyes before bed. My eyes look 100% better! Thanks, Ladies! Kelly G.

I've struggled with Blepharitis, which is a crusty-like dandruff of the eyelashes accompanied with inflammation. For years, I've washed my eyes every night with Johnson's Baby Shampoo to keep the symptoms at bay. My symptoms never really went away until I started using your 3 in 1 eye oil. I've experienced a drastic improvement with overall eye health! I will never run out of your 3 in 1 Eye Oil! Amy H.

Oh my gosh- this eye oil is my fav! NEVER have found such a light oil so effective in taking off my makeup, but yet really does a nice job conditioning the skin around my eyes. I also use it to take makeup off my entire face. Barb S.

Love this! Probably my favorite LaSunflower product! It has greatly reduced fine lines around my eyes. I've always had full lashes, but they are even thicker now using this product. Great makeup remover, too. Jamie

I use this oil every night after using the fabulous cranberry cleanser to remove mascara and eyeliner. I'm pleased with how well it removes makeup and thrilled with my full, healthy eyelashes! Thanks Lynne and Barb! Emily

I love all of the products! The 3 in 1 Eye Oil is part of my daily routine. Wish i could have found La Sunflower sooner. Melissa

My sisters and I love this product.......it's amazing! So gentle and nourishing around the delicate eye area. My niece and daughter also use this product! Donna

Great for an all-over-face makeup remover! Alice

The 3 in 1 eye oil is the best eye make up remover I have ever used. It used to be a chore to scrub off mascara. It hurt and pulled out lashes. Now it is a breeze and a treat with this eye oil. My lashes are healthier, too! Love this product! Tammy

Love this product! I got it mainly for the lash growth and makeup remover! I absolutely love the results from using it. I get compliments on my lashes and its super easy to use to take eye makeup off! Definitely glad I added this to my La Sunflower daily routine. Jennifer

Hands down- one of the best eye oils I have found so far. Definitely worth checking out. Karla

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