Papaya Mango Nutrient Mask: Deep Exfoliant for All Complexions

Height: 1.50 Inches
Width: 2.00 Inches
Depth: 1.50 Inches
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DESCRIPTION:: Powdered face masks are in vogue, and have taken the world of cosmetics by storm!

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La Sunflower is going back to the roots of traditional beauty and skin care that have existed for millennia. For over 5,000 years, the mixing of herbs, roots, flowers and plants together with water, milk or oil, have been applied directly on the skin for cleansing and nourishment. Our powdered face masks contain dry ingredients activated by mixing with your choice of liquid. As a result, your face mask is 100 times fresher and more potent, not to mention healthier for your complexion! Forge on with your glow!
Multifunctional: Powdered face masks not only cleanse the skin but also nourish, moisturize, exfoliate and improve blood circulation. You reap all these benefits, while using all organic ingredients! Exfoliating products work the best in a powdered form, which is why powdered face masks are highly recommended for those who struggle with uneven skin tone, post acne scars, etc.

For Every Skin Type:  No matter the skin type, we all can benefit from earth clays that absorb excess oils that has gathered on the surface of the skin, remove dead skin cells, and clean dirt from clogged pores.

A Modern Ritual: Applying a powdered face mask should be treated as a ritual that requires you to slow down, relax and dedicate a few moments to take care of yourself and your skin. This is a ritual that has been cherished by countless women over thousands of years.

Ingredients: Organic French Green Clay, Organic Bentonite Clay, Organic Matcha Green Tea, Organic Spinach Powder, Organic Neem Leaf Powder, Organic Papaya Extract, Organic Mango Extract, Organic Pumpkin Extract, Organic Honey Bee Pollen, Marine Collagen

Directions: Using La Sunflower's flexible mask mixing bowl & applicator spatula, mix 1/2 to 1 teaspoon of face mask powder with equal amounts of a liquid of your choosing: Coconut milk, almond milk, organic olive oil, purified water, carbonated water, green tea, honey, cream, etc. Mix to desired consistency with Face Mask Spatula. Apply mask on face, not too close to eyes. Use any left over mask to put on tops of hands and neck area. Leave on for 8-10 minutes. Wash off with warm or cool water using washcloth. Pat dry. Follow with choice of La Sunflower toner and face serum. 

Each jar offers 8 to 10 face mask applications.


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Great Mask!

Posted by Dana on 3rd May 2020
I love this nutrient packed mask! Because it is powdered, it lasts longer and I can use different carriers depending on my skincare needs. I have used it twice with local unfiltered honey because of some breakouts. Its cleared them up and left my skin so smooth!
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