Mom's Best Friend: Arsenal of Wellness-No Mom Should Be Without

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DESCRIPTION: The perfect on-the-go gel cleanser to guard against harmful viruses & bacteria. Also, a mama's secret solution for itchy bites, stings, skin irritations, inflammation, cuts & scrapes. Truly a "Mom's Best Friend!" (Scroll below for product details)

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La Sunflower comes to Mom's rescue! You are just one squirt away from having Super-Woman powers! Snuggle this perfect companion into the deep recesses of your purse.  One little pump of our 100% organic gel addresses a variety of on-the-go needs. Looking for a family-friendly anti-bacterial/viral cleansing gel for dirty hands, or a soothing application for itchy bites, stings, skin irritations, inflammation, cuts & scrapes? With an alcohol concentration of 64% and a balanced combination of moisturizing organic aloe & vegetable glycerin, this little treasure carries a powerful punch! With this soothing herbal formulation, you really will have everything in your purse but the kitchen sink!

Ingredients: Organic Aloe Leaf Juice, Organic Alcohol, Organic Vegetable Glycerin, non-GMO Xanthan Gum, Organic Ginger Root Extract, Organic Neem Flower Extract, Organic Neem Leaf Extract, Organic Turmeric Root Extract, Organic Holy Basil Leaf Extract, Organic Basil Flower/Leaf Extract, Red Seaweed, Purified Water

Directions: Simply pump a little squirt on hands to sanitize or apply on irritated area. Gently massage and feel better!


*This product is loved by all my kids and family. Terrific to take anywhere and everywhere for any kind of situation!  Mindy R. - VA

*Please don't stop making this. We took it camping, along with your Critter Spray and voted both products a must for future outings. Carole D. - MD

*Finally a hand sanitizer that is great for skin and Triclosan-free and just plain fabulous! Thanks! Peggy W.- VA

*Totally love- Jill B- Va


Customer Reviews (9)

Mom's Best Friend

Posted by Becky on 29th Nov 2022
Great product! Really soothes bug bites and rashes.

Moms Best Friend

Posted by Kim Maynard on 20th Jul 2022
As a grandma, Mom's Best Friend is priceless! Keep it on hand for the little ones. My husband and I use it for bug bites and it is great for bee stings!

MY Best Friend!

Posted by Jen on 11th Dec 2021
I keep this in my purse and love the fact that it has multiple uses with no harsh chemicals. Leaves my hands feeling hydrated with a pleasant scent.

Moms Best Friend

Posted by Doe on 10th Dec 2020
This has to be the best hand sanitizer on the market. I use it non-stop, especially with all the extra concerns in 2020. It never dries out my hands, but instead leaves them feeling silky and moisturized with a nice, light scent. I have read so many articles recently about all the hand sanitizers that they have discovered contain all these dangerous chemicals. I never have to worry about that with any La Sunflower product. What a relief.

Wonderful product

Posted by Cathy Cunningham on 8th May 2020
My husband gets little cuts on his fingertips every winter, and we tried everything to fix them with poor results. This year I gave him his own bottle of Moms Best Friend to use as a sanitizer. The cuts all healed in two days, and they have not returned. It was a great relief for him.

Moms Best Friend

Posted by glenna on 26th Mar 2020
I love this product. So does my 26 year-old granddaughter. She has been using it a couple of years. She has one in her purse and one in her gym bag at all times. It moisturizes while killing bacteria. Many of my neighbors now use and love it, as well as both my daughters and their families. It is safe around pets, namely dogs, as they tend to lick where petted (no ethanol glycol (used in anti freeze) which is used in most hand sanitizers).

Moms best Friend

Posted by K. Goff on 15th Mar 2020
Love this hand sanitizer. I use it and love the scent and consistency of this product. I keep it in my purse, car and house. I highly recommend this fabulous La Sunflower product!

Moms Best Friend hand sanitizer

Posted by Melissa Collins on 28th Feb 2020
This product is awesome!! No strong alcohol smell; one squirt leaves your hands clean and silky smooth. You can never have too many. One in your car, your purse and at work.

Mom’s Best Friend

Posted by Shelly on 2nd Jun 2019
We went hiking last weekend and my friend and daughter got bug bites that they couldn’t stop itching. We put mom’s best friend on them and they stopped itching quickly and for the rest of the day! Like magic!
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