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Height: 2.50 Inches
Width: 3.00 Inches
Depth: 1.00 Inches
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DESCRIPTION:: List the soaps you would like to buy. Ex: 3 Sunflower Soaps, 2 Appalachian Soaps, 5 Lavender Buds. (Scroll below for more details.)

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Our customers love buying our soaps by the whole loaf! Each loaf is equal to 10 bars. You may either select 10 of the same soaps or make them all different. When purchasing in bulk, you save $1 per bar. What a splendid way to shop for 10 individual gifts, or maybe you wish to select 10 different soaps as a single gift...OR better yet, treat yourself! Website pricing includes your $10 savings of $1 off per bar.

Eye-Catching Idea: Buy 10 soaps, place them in a unique glass jar in your bathroom. Not only will your bathroom smell divine, but your soaps will be a feature of beauty!

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My favorite soaps!

Posted by Candi on 22nd Aug 2020
I love using these soaps! Not only do they smell amazing, but it feels good to know I am using products made with ingredients that are ALSO good for me! I often will buy more soaps than I need, so I can add them to gifts for my friends and family. I have especially loved using and giving away the ultimate defense soap in this season of COVID-19. It is the best!
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