Honeysuckle Soap: Moisturizes Normal/Combo Skin; Inspires Singing In The Shower!

Height: 2.50 Inches
Width: 3.00 Inches
Depth: 1.00 Inches
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DESCRIPTION: Look no further for a soap offering whimsical childhood memories of smelling wild honeysuckle while playing outside on a summer day.

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Look no further for a soap offering whimsical childhood memories of smelling wild honeysuckle while playing outside on a summer day.  If you are a lover of honeysuckle, then it is paramount you experience this "honey" of a soap in the shower. Tied for first place, along with our Sunflower Soap, as a customer favorite. Offers a soothing balanced formulation of organic botanical oils, honeysuckle, kaolin clay, aloe filet, turmeric and vitamin e derived from sunflowers. For all skin types. Beware...even for those not musically inclined, attempts of singing in the shower out of pure joy has been noted!

INGREDIENTS: Saponified Oils of: Organic Sunflower Oil, Organic Coconut Oil, Organic Sustainable Palm Oil, Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil, Purified Water, Organic Shea Butter, Organic Honeysuckle Essential Oil, Kaolin Clay, Organic Aloe Vera Concentrate, Organic Turmeric Powder

(This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.)


Customer Reviews (7)

Honeysuckle Soap

Posted by Celina Smith on 4th May 2022
I was sent a sample of this, and ended up ordering a bar! The smell and the softness of my skin is AMAZING! Plus, it lasts a long time!

Honeysuckle Joy!

Posted by Amanda Wilson on 13th Feb 2021
This soap smells like pure JOY! All of the honeysuckle products smell absolutely amazing ... they me a bring a deep sense of inner calmness! Thank you for creating such beautiful and JOY inducing products!

Honeysuckle Soap

Posted by Mary on 20th Dec 2020
I received this soap as a gift and loved it so much that I decided to buy some more. It has a wonderful scent that is so calming. My little grandson always asks to wash his hands with that "honey soap!"

Honeysuckle soap

Posted by Jessica on 7th May 2020
I have tried several La Sunflower soaps, and this is a favorite. It smells so refreshing and lathers very well. This bar is brilliant to the very last nub!

What A Surprise

Posted by Michelle on 25th Feb 2020
I bought this soap because a friend recommended it to me and I liked the smell. What I did not realize was how much this honeysuckle bar would improve my skin. I suffer from mild psoriasis that flares up in the winter months. This soap not only left my skin feeling clean and smelling amazing, but it also calmed my flare-ups. For the first winter in years I have not suffered with scaly, itchy skin. Wonderful product!!

Honeysuckle soap

Posted by Melissa Collins on 25th Feb 2020
The soaps are great!! This is my Absolute Favorite scent.


Posted by Brandy on 3rd Jul 2019
The Honeysuckle soap takes me back to childhood memories of picking fresh honeysuckle at the edge of the woods. It lathers up perfectly, rinses clean, and gives skin the refreshing scent of sweet Summer days.
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