Herbs & Honey Syrup: Respiratory & Digestive Support

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DESCRIPTION: Nine potent, highly effective herbs noted for supporting respiratory AND digestive health combined with raw, black honey to aid immune support & address inflammation.

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Description: La Sunflower's Herbs & Honey Syrup offers a balanced combination of nine potent, highly effective herbs noted for supporting respiratory AND digestive health. A labor intensive recipe totally worth every minute of effort due to the overwhelming feedback received from our customer base. One of the most important ingredients is our raw, dark honey directly from the beehive, that further addresses immune support & inflammation. Seasonal allergies, congestion, runny nose, coughing, sneezing, acid reflux, GERD, indigestion.... and the list goes on! We have listed the herbs and their unique respiratory & digestive properties below so you can see for yourself. Please store in refrigerator.


Marshmallow Root:

Respiratory Support: Reduces sore throat pain, congestion, cold & cough symptoms; speeds up healing time, reduces aggravating dry cough; reduces urge to cough

Digestive Support: One of the best herbs used to treat acid reflux; Helps promote moisture within the intestines to help with constipation



Respiratory Support: Helps keep lung passages clear; relieves chest & respiratory disorders, coughs, colds & bronchitis; antibacterial; anti-fungal; and spasmolytic, helps quell a spasmodic cough; helps eliminate accumulated mucus;

Digestive Support: Comforts the stomach & relieves gas; supports a healthy balance of microflora in the gastro-intestinal tract; prevents the production of excess mucous, bile or stomach acid to relieve stomach pain & heartburn


Elecampane Root:

Respiratory Support: Breaks up & expels excess mucus or phlegm; helps to clear congestion; reduces coughing

Digestive Support: Used historically to treat poor digestion & general complaints of the intestinal tract


Ginger Root:

Respiratory Support: Helps relieve sore throat & cold symptoms quickly; kills rhinoviruses, which cause colds; anti-inflammatory; boosts the immune system 

Digestive Support: Very effective in alleviating discomfort & stomach pain; promotes elimination of excessive gas from the digestive system; soothes the intestinal tract



Respiratory Support: Powerful antioxidant & anti-inflammatory; helps rid the body of mucus; soothes a raw, inflamed sore throat; addresses upper respiratory problems including bronchitis, dry coughs and hoarseness

Digestive Support:  aids in many digestive related issues, such as diarrhea, constipation and hemorrhoids; wonderful support for gut health


Licorice Root:

Respiratory Support: Used for centuries to soothe & relieve coughing; relieves tickling & itching in the throat; soothes colds, sore throats, & coughing

Digestive Support: Aides digestive upsets including stomach ulcers, heartburn, acid reflux, colic & inflammation of stomach lining


Echinacea Root:

Respiratory Support: Little plant with big healing power; shortens duration of the common cold & flu; reduces sore throat, cough & fever; strengthens & supports immunity; reduces the duration of the common cold

Digestive Support: Aides in acid reflux & indigestion; upset stomach, and stomachache



Respiratory Support: Drying, astringent properties, which can be a great boon to those with sinus infections, wet coughs, and even sinus allergies; helps dry up and move excess mucous out of the respiratory system

Digestive Support: Relieves indigestion & gas; effective in enhancing digestion & easing tension in the gut; helps remove bloated feeling & reduces colic; reduces heartburn; relieves acid reflux



Respiratory Support: Relieves spasms in the respiratory system; soothes coughs; loosens phlegm; helps heal infections from the common cold;

Digestive Support: Neutralizes stomach acid & promotes healthy muscular function of the digestive tract, relieves symptoms of heartburn and/or gastroesophageal reflux disease (GERD)


Raw Honey: 

Respiratory Support: A natural antibacterial remedy for respiratory tract infections; an effective cough suppressant; acts as a demulcent, or a substance that helps relieve irritation in the mouth or throat by forming a protective film to coat & soothe an irritated throat

Digestive Support: Honey is both antioxidant and free radical scavenging. Reflux may be caused in part by free radicals that damage cells lining the digestive tract. Honey may prevent damage by removing free radicals; may reduce inflammation in the esophagus; research suggests that honey’s viscous nature might help keep acids down & reduce heartburn/acid reflux 


INGREDIENTS:  Purified Water; Raw, Black Honey; Organic Elecampane Root; Organic Ginger Root; Organic Thyme Leaf; Organic Mullein Leaf; Organic Marshmallow Root; Organic Licorice Root; Organic Echinacea Root; Organic Yarrow Leaf; Organic Hyssop; Organic Cinnamon 

DIRECTIONSUse for either respiratory or digestion support. Shake well. Children: 1 teaspoon every 2-3 hours until symptoms improve. Not recommended for children under one year of age due to the syrup containing raw honey). Adults: 1-2 Tablespoons every 2-3 hours as needed until symptoms improve. 


*You guys did it again. The herb & honey syrup make a huge difference in this lingering summer cold I got after traveling. Calmed down my cough and the ginger in the syrup was the thing that knocked out my sore throat. This is a keeper! Joan F.

 *I'm not one for having digestion issues BUT the other night when I went to bed, I had this noisy, gurgling stomach. I had the herbs & honey syrup for my husband's cold but remembered that it takes care of stomach issues, so I tried it. One dose took care of my stomach so I could sleep peacefully. Love that it takes care of respiratory and digestion issues. Just wanted you to know that I will definitely recommend. Ellen W.

 *I seem to predictably get sinus infections which leads to bronchial infections with the beginning of seasonal changes. I started taking your syrup and am pleased  to report all is well so far. I really think there is something to the combinations of the herbs you guys select. Thanks so much! Ellie

 *OK. Even I, a drugstore connoisseur, am sold on this product. My wife made me take it, Thumbs up. Ed 

 *My friend and I purchased your Honey & Herb Syrup while visiting in your area. We both suffer from the same kind of digestive issues. We both took the syrup before bed for acid reflux and by the morning time, we laughed that it had been the first good sleep we've had in a long time. We love it! Carol and Krissy

 *I was suffering terribly with vertigo. It was suggested that I use your Herb & Honey Syrup along with the Magnesium Spray. Wanted you to know that I haven't had any bouts of the vertigo-like symptoms since I started my regiment with the herb/honey syrup & the magnesium oil. It's been several several weeks now... I feel so, so blessed to have La Sunflower! Robin

 *Here goes. I'm one who is usually hard to convince BUT all I know is that I started taking the Herb & Honey Syrup for acid reflux and just typical digestive issues, which as for now have been alleviated. In fact, taking Xanex was a daily thing for me, and I haven't needed to take one! Let you know how I'm progressing, but meanwhile I'm a happy camper! Tammy

 *Dear Sunflower- It seems that everyone shopping in the stores is coughing or sneezing, on me!   But this is the first year that my immune system has not been overwhelmed by the germs.  Honestly, I have to attribute that to your cough syrup & elixir.  This is the first year I have ever used them and they have made a substantial difference, not only in “how” I feel but in the fact that I don’t have a full blown infection that sends me running to the doctor for antibiotics.   Last year I was very sick several times but this year, with your cough syrup & elixir,  I’m doing very well.  From now on, your syrups will always be a part of my health care routine.  I’m saying these things because they are true.  I have no problem if you use my testimony for these products on your website.  Sincerely, Mary in Minnesota

 *I was taking a daily allergy medication for seasonal discomfort. I am totally off the meds due to taking 1 Tablespoon of Honey Herb Syrup and one tablespoon of elderberry elixir. I take it the same time each day. The results have been wonderful!!!!!! I used to sneeze, cough, and couldn't even breathe at times, but now that is a thing of the past!  F. Perdue - Verona


Customer Reviews (12)

Herbs and Honey Syrup

Posted by Lee on 4th Jun 2022
Several months ago I decided to add the Herbs and Honey Syrup to my doctor prescribed medication regimen for Gastric Reflux with Esophagitis. The medication definitely helped, but I still had a lot of discomfort following meals. So, I showed my doctor your Honey & Herbs Syrup. He read the ingredients and agreed that they could be very beneficial. The addition of the Syrup has worked beautifully in concert with other regimen.

Herbs & Honey Syrup

Posted by Cynthia on 21st Mar 2022
I love Herbs and Honey Syrup. I was recovering from Covid and my stomach digestion was really messed up along with diarrhea. I found the H and H Syrup was the only thing that calmed my stomach and digestive issues. Thank you! I just ordered another bottle to have in hand whenever my family might need it!

Herbs and Honey

Posted by Tammy on 26th Feb 2022
What a wonderful product! I started taking the Herbs and Honey Syrup when I had a bad case of acid reflux. It worked so fast and I have not had another flare up since! This will continue to be part of my daily regimen! Thank you La Sunflower!

Herbs and Honey Syrup

Posted by Kathy on 13th Jul 2021
I have kept s bottle of Herbs and Honey in my refrigerator to have on hand for occasionally stomach issues; and I am so glad I did! Recently I got sick with terrible chest and head congestion, cough and sore throat. I remembered the Herbs and Honey also addresses respiratory issues and it was a life saver! I will now take it on a regular basis. Thank you ladies for this great product!

Honey & Herb Syrup

Posted by Judy on 23rd Jun 2020
This Honey & Herb syrup is wonderful for relieving coughs, but also, as I discovered this year, relieves my acid reflux and digestive issues. I no longer need to take over the counter antacids. Daily I take both, The Elderberry Elixir and the Honey & Herb Syrup to help keep me free from colds and other “bugs” going around, and for overall great gut health!

Honey and Herb Syrup

Posted by KATHY TOMS on 12th Apr 2020
I started taking the Elderberry Elixir first because my immune system was down. I am so glad I did because now I am having much more energy, among other things. After having digestive problems (and a colonoscopy) I was introduced to the Honey and Herb. I am feeling so much better; things are back to normal. Thanks ladies!! Great customer care, Lynne. So patient and full of knowledge!!

Herbs and Honey Syrup

Posted by Susan on 7th Apr 2020
After years of mild seasonal allergies, they returned with a vengeance. My coughing caused my coworkers to beg me to do something! I hate over the counter allergy medication. I am happy to say the Herbs and Honey syrup abated the allergy symptoms and I never have to rely on over the counter meds with so many side effects again.

A great product

Posted by Marsha on 24th Mar 2020
The Herbs and Honey Syrup has saved me this past week. I wanted to stay on top of my seasonal allergies which kick in my asthma. With the covid-19 lurking,I needed to know my lungs were in good shape to handle any and everything. I went from 3-4 times a day with the inhaler to only once and now it has been a couple of days since using the inhaler at all. Great product!

Love this syrup

Posted by Emily B. on 2nd Feb 2020
I give my kindergartner a teaspoon of this every morning before school. This syrup is perfect for keeping him well! I work at his school and I've noticed he doesn't have a runny nose or cough like his classmates. Thank you Lynne and Barb!

Herbs and Honey Review

Posted by Kim Maynard on 16th Dec 2019
I must have more of your Herbs and Honey Syrup. It kept me from having my yearly respiratory infection. For the FIRST time in three years, I have not had to go on antibiotics. Instead, when the infection starts in I take the Herbs and Honey Syrup every 3 to 4 hours. Definitely time to restock! Kim M.

Honey and herb syrup

Posted by Laura on 13th Dec 2019
Great Product

honey & herb syruo

Posted by brenda on 8th Dec 2019
Very good product, knowing it helps my immune system if getting a cold or cough
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