Face System: Age Perfecting For Maturing Beauties!

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DESCRIPTION:: As we journey through life, our skin care needs change, as do the products we choose to nurture and enhance our natural beauty.

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Reveal your genuine beauty with an honest, natural approach to face care. Every stage of life brings another kind of beauty requiring us to embrace who we are and where we have been. As we journey through life, our skin care needs change, as do the products we choose to nurture and enhance our natural beauty.

Comes with complimentary mesh, zippered traveling bag to hold your entire face system!   

La Sunflower's Age Perfecting System utilizes nutrient-dense botanicals to supplement and reinforce the maturing complexion to promote the radiance you are designed to emanate. Our goal was to create an entire face care system that not only illuminates mature complexions but offers solutions to:

  • boost collagen synthesis

  • improve elasticity

  • address wrinkles & pigmentation

  • provide intense hydration

  • lighten pigmentation spots

  • promote skin cell renewal

  • restore skin tone   

Five Simple Steps:

Step OneSunflower Cleansing Oil: Use daily AM & PM.  A balanced, nutrient-rich, penetrating cleansing oil. Hydrates & restores skin cell renewal. Boosts collagen synthesis. 

Pink Grapefruit Exfoliant : Use twice a week. A creamy exfoliant featuring organic jojoba beads to gently revitalize & restore your glow by eliminating older, dull skin cells

Step Two3 in 1 Eye Oil: Use each evening; Nourishes delicate skin around eyes, removes makeup, stimulates healthy lash growth, addresses fine lines, crow's feet

Step Three: White Willow Toner: Use daily AM & PM. Restores uneven skin tone. Refreshes, purifies, balances ph; addresses pigmentation spots

Step FourAge Perfecting SerumUse daily AM & PM; Your nutrient-dense beauty elixir! Provides cellular nutrition; collagen synthesis, boosts elasticity, restores skin tone; diminishes age spots

Step Five: Jasmine Sage Moisturizer: Use daily AM & PM; Powerhouse for cellular hydration, stimulates collagen production, addresses sagging skin, wrinkles, fine lines

Papaya Mango Mask: Use once a week. 10 Powdered masks. A garden of nutrient-dense herbs, minerals and vitamins to feed a vibrant complexion. Exfoliates & removes depleted skin cells, delivers oxygen to the cells, promotes a healthy, glowing complexion

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