Complete 7-Piece Face Care Set for Normal to Combination Complexions

Height: 7.50 Inches
Width: 9.50 Inches
Depth: 2.50 Inches
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DESCRIPTION:: Offers an incredibly, well-balanced, skin-care diet to support a vibrant complexion for those with normal to combination skin

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La Sunflower's organic face care system offers an incredibly, well-balanced, skin-care diet to support a vibrant complexion for those with normal to combination skin. Your complexion is just waiting to emanate a balanced clarity and organic glow! Go ahead, it's your turn to treat yourself....

We utilize beautiful, well coordinated, organic botanicals that supplement and reinforce, while keeping your skin feeling and looking young, healthy and gorgeous. Fresh herbs, botanical oils, vitamins & minerals work together to promote a healthy, balanced, radiant appearance. All of this goodness without any potentially damaging petrochemicals and estrogen-mimicking ingredients!                                                          

For detailed product descriptions & ingredients within this face system, click on individual products displayed on website.

5 Quick & Easy Steps:

Step One: Cranberry Cleanser: Use daily AM & PM; Provides a gentle, yet highly effective deep cleansing experience, hydrates, removes impurities & heavy oils

Pink Grapefruit Exfoliant: Use twice a week. A creamy exfoliant featuring organic jojoba beads to gently revitalize & restore your glow by eliminating older, dull skin cells

Step Two: 3 in1 Eye Oil: Use each evening; Nourishes delicate skin around eyes, removes makeup, stimulates healthy lash growth, addresses fine lines, crow's feet

Step Three: Bilberry Toner: Use daily AM & PM. Restores uneven skin tone, refreshes, purifies, balances ph, addresses pigmentation spots

Step Four: Antioxidant Serum: Use daily AM & PM; Your nutrient-dense beauty elixir! Provides cellular nutrition, brightens & balances skin tone, regenerates healthy skin cells

Step Five: Apricot Moisturizer: Use daily AM & PM; Your powerhouse for cellular hydration & intense moisture therapy

Papaya Mango Face MaskUse once a week. 10 Powdered masks. A garden of nutrient-dense herbs, minerals and vitamins to feed a vibrant complexion. Exfoliates & removes depleted skin cells, delivers oxygen to the cells, promotes a healthy, glowing complexion. A must for a vibrant complexion. 

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