CBD Full SpectrumTincture: 900mg/CBD

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DESCRIPTION: Organically sourced cannabinoid CBD oil with unsurpassed potency and consistency. (Product details below.)

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 900mg/CBD with a Touch of Organic Peppermint in a 30ml. Bottle
  • 900mg CBD per 30ml/1 ounce bottle  
  • Serving Size: Each 1 mL Dropper provides 30mg CBD
  • Full Spectrum Cannabinoids
  • Sublingual (applied under the tongue)
  • 100% Organic
  • Third Party Tested & Verified
  • CO2 Green Extraction Methods: This method does not require heat or solvents, and the entire spectrum of cannabinoids are retained in the blend. Offers a complete range of cannabinoids, terpenes, essential oil and phytonutrients
  • Non-GMO
  • Insecticide/Pesticide Free
  • Free From Fillers, Solvents, Synthetic Flavorings, Colorants & Preservatives
  • Unsurpassed Potency & Consistency
  • USA Grown
  • Lab Testing Results Available Upon Request 
  • 100% purity    
  • Less than 0.3% THC. Non-psychoactive which makes it ideal for people seeking the health benefits of cannabinoids without the mind-altering effects of THC. CBD is non-toxic and has potent pain relieving & anti-inflammatory properties.        

 CBD Oils Have Shown Potential Benefits to:

  • Reduce high anxiety levels
  • Promote health and wellness
  • Help reduce stress level
  • Reduce pain throughout the body
  • Relieve chronic inflammation, which hinders the body’s natural healing process
  • Aid your body’s regulation of the central nervous and immune system
  • Support Memory
  • Supports a good night's sleep


  • 900mg of 100% Organic CBD Full Spectrum Hemp Oil Extract Powered by NuLeaf Naturals
  • 100% organic MCT oil Derived from Coconuts
  • 100% Organic Peppermint Oil

Recommended Use: It's always good to start with a smaller dose. 

Fill milliliter dropper with tincture to halfway mark, or up to 1 ml, a whole dropper. Release  tincture under tongue and hold for 60 seconds before swallowing. We recommend you start with the 1/2 of a dropper dose to begin with. You may repeat a dose one to three times a day. Stay with that dose for two days and if symptoms are still present, increase incrementally to the 3/4ml. marking. Continue to gradually increase dosage until you notice symptoms have significantly improved. This is called your 'sweet spot". Most people feel relief of symptoms within 20 minutes. 

Serving Size Recommendations:

 Each person may require a different dosage depending on internal factors. To achieve the correct dose, one must consider important factors such as:

The concentration of CBD

*The weight of the individual

*The individual’s body chemistry

*The severity of the condition being treated


*I am LOVING the difference I am experiencing with my CBD tincture! I am COMPLETELY off my other medication for anxiety and have not needed to use my "in case of emergency" backup Xanax. In fact, I haven't even thought about taking it! I've been using .75ml twice a day and am thinking that may be too much. So, I'm going to try .75ml in the morning and .50ml at night and see what happens. I noticed that it is important that I take my CBD the same time each day to address my anxiety. I'm also sleeping better because my brain actually "turns off". Glad I met up with La Sunflower because my life is better.
R. B. - Delaware

*My good friend encouraged me to contact you about the tincture after telling me about the differences it is making in his life. I am a veteran with acute pain in neck, legs and back. I am using your CBD salve which is AWESOME but I decided to take your CBD tincture, as well to address the chronic pain throughout my body. I have tried other CBD tinctures with and without THC, and your formulation is by far the best I have experienced to address all that I have going on. Thought you would appreciate knowing how things are progressing. L. R.- Harrisonburg, VA

*I can't tell you the impact your CBD tincture has had my life. I suffered with severe anxiety, which lead into depression because my entire "normal" life was impacted. I have been to specialist, even tried acupuncture to alleviate symptoms. After starting your oil, it took about a week and a half for me to find that "sweet spot" you talked  to me about. My anxiety was so bad that it actually made me physically sick. I am presently off meds, wake up actually happy and have found myself humming around the house, which I never did before. I take 2 full droppers each day. One in the morning and one at night. I found that taking it the same time morning and night is paramount. The CBD oil has changed my life and I have La Sunflower to thank for their patience in working with me along my journey. B.F.- Stuarts Draft, VA

*My son is 12 years old and suffers from anxiety. He was on an adult dosage of Zoloft. It was heart-wrenching to see him struggle to make the best of things. His anxiety was like a paralyzing force in his life. We started him on La Sunflower's CBD tincture. Lynne, the designer of the products, met with me to discuss how to begin the technique of dosing correctly. One month later, he is totally off his Zoloft and feels better than he has in years. In fact, he asks for his oil! He currently take 1/2 ml. in the AM and then another 1/2ml. in the PM. We are thrilled to see our son happy and thriving! Thank you, La Sunflower, for taking time to meet with those of us who have questions and for your guidance. I trust no other when it comes to products that I know are the best.   N.D.- Waynesboro, VA

Consult your physician before taking any new dietary supplements.  The product and statements have not been evaluated or approved by the Food and Drug Administration. La Sunflower’s statements or products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease or illness. Before use, consult your doctor to see if this dietary supplement product is right for you. Do not use if you are pregnant or lactating.




Customer Reviews (7)

CBD Tincture

Posted by Mary Jo on 26th Aug 2020
This CBD tincture has been a wonderful addition to my quality of life. I take it every day in order to help tame the inflammation caused by an autoimmune disorder and am grateful for every day with lessened joint / muscle pain. I have seen a great difference in my general well being, both physically and psychologically. I’ve been a customer of La Sunflower for a number of years and find all of their products both very effective and nurturing. And the responsiveness and obvious care that Lynne and Barb afford their customers is appreciated so much. I am grateful for all of this.

CBD Tincture

Posted by Gigi Miller on 1st Aug 2020
I use the CBD morning and evening for inflammation and calming. Great pure product.

Why I love this CBD tincture

Posted by Jenni W. on 29th Jun 2020
After having 2 children, I have been battling with weight loss for a couple years. During that time I developed plantar fasciitis in one foot. Many days it was painful just to walk, let alone do any exercise where my feet hit the ground. The pain in my foot caused me to limp which then caused pain in my knee from an injury I sustained 23 years ago. I've taken OTC pain relievers and vitamins for relief but it was never enough. I finally decided to try La Sunflower's CBD Oil. After about 3 days I could tell it was making a HUGE difference. I used it for a couple weeks but then forgot to take it for a few days. The pain in all my afflicted areas came back. Once I started using it again, I was feeling all better! I am now on a regular exercise program and losing weight! Plus, the tincture helps to balance my anxiety and mood swings. If I had never tried this tincture I would still be limping around, filling my body with medications, and still feeling rotten in general. Thank you so much, Sunflower team, you have made a big difference in my life and now I never miss a dose!

CBD Tincture

Posted by Georgiana A Miller on 11th May 2020
Great product! I also like the CBD salve!

CBD Tincture

Posted by Mandi on 16th Apr 2020
I am now 31 and have dealt with anxiety since I was 18 years old. Taking this twice a day has completely changed my life. I understand what it feels like to live a "normal life" and not be anxious doing basic, day to day activities. I cannot give enough stars for this product. Thank you La Sunflower for changing my life!!

CBD Review

Posted by Mary C. on 4th Dec 2019
Miracle Cure for Acne I am a 46-year-old woman who has struggled with small bumps on my forehead for years. After two days of using La Sunflower's organic CBD tincture, the bumps have completely disappeared. Furthermore, it has helped my 17-year-old son, too. His skin is glowing and his acne is completely gone. On top of all the other benefits this product provides, this is definitely a great bonus. Highly recommend! Mary from Stuarts Draft, VA

CBD tincture

Posted by Gigi on 26th Jul 2019
I have tried many CBD tinctures! La Sunflower CBD tincture is without measure the most excellent. I have had remarkable results with this product. It has made such a difference in my life. I started my mother on it this week. She is already noticed a positive change. It’s a wonderful natural product that when taken right can make a really big difference in your day to day life. I won’t be caught without it!
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