Bilberry Facial Toner: Perfect For All Complexions

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Customer Testimonial:: I LOVE the Bilberry Facial Toner. I've seen improvement in my skin in only a few days. Currently using your entire face line & it's amazing how my skin is responding. Finally getting my skin on the right track & I thank you! Eileen

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Our alcohol-free Bilberry Toner is a MUST when it comes time to adopting a state-of-the-art skin care regimen. A toner's main task is to remove excess oil & impurities from the pores after cleansing. But our toner doesn't stop there! A broad spectrum of natural alpha-hydroxy fruit acids await to help exfoliate, plump, smooth, brighten, tone and regulate the skin's natural ph. Research also supports that a well-balanced toner also aids in reducing pore size & addressing signs of pre-mature aging. Our alpha-hydroxy acids are derived from:
organic bilberry
  • organic sugar cane
  • organic sugar maple
  • organic orange peel
  • organic cranberries
  • organic lemon peel

DIRECTIONS: After cleansing, apply toner with cotton pad, using upward motions over the entire face. Allow to dry. Follow with choice of La Sunflower's facial serum.

INGREDIENTS: Organic Aloe Leaf Juice, Organic Organic Peppermint Leaf, Organic Vegetable Glycerin, Organic White Willow Bark, Organic Bilberry Fruit, Organic Sugar Cane, Organic Sugar Maple Granules, Organic Orange Peel, Organic Lemon Peel, Organic Cranberry Fruit, Organic Plant-Based Alcohol


The toner! Love, Love. Love! It even feels, looks, and smells wonderfully organic! Peppermint is a nice touch for cooling. My husband snatches my toner now as an aftershave. Rhonda H.- PA

Let me just say that the Bilberry toner does an incredible job pulling up more impurities even after I cleanse. Really like how clean & nourished my face feels. Sharon B.

So love this toner! Truly does amaze me how much better my face feels! Tammy H.

I'm a toner connoisseur and have to say I LOVE the way your toner offers a second layer of impurity extraction. After cleansing, I use a cotton round like you suggest and sweep it across my face. Am amazed how many impurities I still can remove. Lastly, my face isn't over producing oil like it was before. Just had to share. Mary K.

I LOVE the Bilberry Facial Toner. Your products all smell so good and feel even better on my skin. It's only been a few days, but I've seen improvement so far. I'm now using your entire face line, and it's amazing how my skin is responding after missing out for the past several years. I also love the intentionality & transparency behind your ingredients. I'm finally getting my skin on the right track & I thank you! E. Smith 

(This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.)


Customer Reviews (4)

Bilberry Toner

Posted by Laura on 16th Mar 2021
Lovely scent, very herbal. Refreshing and clean, soothes & cools the skin. Perfect for my 43 year old combination skin!

Amazing Toner

Posted by Kelly Thompson on 8th Dec 2020
I purchased a bottle of the Bilberry toner and I did not know how AMAZING it was until I accidently knocked it off of the counter and there it was in pieces. Instead of reordering I went back to my "normal" brand. WOW, my skin was not happy. After 3 weeks I said no more! I need my Bilberry toner back! So happy to receive it yesterday and store it in a much safer place! Recommend 100%!

Bilberry Toner

Posted by Tracy Long on 1st Dec 2020
I have loved this product from the first time I tried it! It is so refreshing when I mist it on my face. Every time I use it, I smile (and spray a couple extra squirts). It feels wonderful on my skin!!! It is also very soothing on a skin rash I had on my back. Very healing product!

Can't Be Without This

Posted by Mona Fitzgerald on 8th Dec 2019
My skin loves this product! You think you have cleaned your skin at night and then you use this on a cotton ball and get every last residue, along with the soothing skin this toner leaves behind. It is also the first thing I do in the morning before putting on serum and moisturizer. Try it! You will love it! Mona
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