Organic Cotton Handmade Washcloth (supports the desperately poor in Calcutta, India)

Height: 7.50 Inches
Width: 7.50 Inches
Depth: 0.25 Inches
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DESCRIPTION:: Artisan Hand Knitted, Organic Cotton Washcloth That Comes With A Story of Love ( Scroll below for details)

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Each washcloth represents an intriguing story about a woman named Claudia, known as Toockie, who lives in a small village outside of Calcutta, India. Toockie knits beautiful cotton washcloths, while encouraging other women in her village to join her in the efforts to help support their families and local economy. Your washcloth comes to you with a storycard introducing you to the women who knit these cloths, and further explains how their artisan efforts have helped their personal lives. Each artisan has learned to write her name and has signed each card, giving her a voice that makes her feel proud and present. Thank you to the Fair Trade Federation for making this possible. For the greater good, artisans are provided the unimaginable opportunity to earn a fair wage. Join us in supporting these women through fair trade practices.

*Vintage Dish Cloth - Much stronger and denser than regular cotton.

*Wash with any color or temperature, no folding, just stretch, dry, stack and reuse. Bleach as needed.

*The perfect washcloth for gently washing and exfoliating skin. Excellent for household cleaning, as well. Terrific durability and can last for years!

*Biodegradable. No chemical dyes and no chemical fibers.

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