Appalachian Soap

Height: 2.50 Inches
Width: 3.00 Inches
Depth: 1.00 Inches
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DESCRIPTION: This creation has a wonderful lather and is perfect for shaving, as well as just bringing joy to your shower experience.

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The deep colors of this soap remind us of the Appalachian Mountains at sunset. The top of the soap has a warm, golden hue resembling the sky at sunset, while the bottom half displays a deep colored mountain ridge.

Organic oils of olive, coconut & palm are delicately blended with organic shea butter and topped off with essential oils of orange & cinnamon. A little bit of perfection to your day!



Organic Saponified Oils of: Sunflower; Extra Virgin Olive; Coconut Oil; Sustainable Palm Oil; Purified Water; Sodium Hydroxide, Organic Shea Butter; Organic Bay Essential Oil, Organic Orange Essential Oil, Organic Cinnamon Essential Oil, Rosehip Powder, Annatto Powder


(This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.)


Customer Reviews (4)

Appalachian Sosp

Posted by K Goff on 15th Mar 2020
Best soap ever! Smells divine, is gentle, yet cleanses so nicely. I also give this to friends and family and they love it, too!! 5 Stars for yet another amazing La Sunflower product!

Appalachian Soap

Posted by Deedra on 11th Aug 2019
Love La Sunflower soaps as they are such good quality soaps and make you feel like you are at a spa! This is one of my favorite scents and I really love it in the fall and winter!


Posted by Brandy on 3rd Jul 2019
My husband and I love La Sunflower soaps! My husband really enjoys using the Appalachian soap. It smells so wonderful and keeps him feeling fresh all day.

Appalachian Soap

Posted by Bethany M Mullen on 19th Jun 2019
This is my husband's FAVORITE soap! He absolutely loves it, and I love it, too. Thanks, La Sunflower, for having safe and amazing products!
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