Age Perfecting Face System for Maturing Beauties

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DESCRIPTION:: Within every woman, there's a wild & natural creature, a powerful force, filled with good instincts, passionate creativity & ageless beauty.

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"Beauty lies not in a flawless complexion, but in the stories told by each transitioning line on a woman's face." - Alysica Cunningham

Our Age Perfecting Face System is your arsenal for an ageless complexion. The entire collection contains the seven products in the above picture, and is nestled inside a lovely zippered, mesh cosmetic bag, perfect for traveling. View all product ingredients with full descriptions by clicking on individual products on the website.

The true beauty of a woman is truly reflected in her soul, her smile, and her essence. Each wrinkle, age spot, or blemish is a tiny roadmap of the marvelous journey you are currently embarking upon. As our bodies change, so do the nutritional needs of your skin and complexion. Skin vitality and radiance comes from nurturing your complexion with the nutrients it craves,  Experience the healing power of fresh herbs & organic botanicals with plant-derived retinol to address signs of aging, along with our ultra-hydrating Jasmine Sage Moisturizer and Age Perfecting Serum to improve the appearance of fine lines. Star ingredients of DMAE, hyaluronic acid and CQ10 stimulate collagen synthesis while balancing uneven skin tone, age spots and elasticity.

Being over 50 years of age, is your time to boldly bask with confidence and joy! So, arise, go forth and conquer with an easy 5 step Age Perfecting Skin-Care Routine: 

*Step One: Cleansing:

Sunflower Cleansing Oil: Use AM & PM. A nutrient-rich penetrating cleansing oil that removes heavy oils & impurities from deep within the skin's layers

Pink Grapefruit Exfoliant: twice a week. Revitalizes & restores; eliminates depleted skin cells through deep pore exfoliation, evens skin tone & texture

*Step Two: Eye Care

3&1 Eye Oil - Use each evening; Nourishes delicate skin around eyes, removes makeup, stimulates healthy lash growth, addresses fine lines, crow's feet

*Step Three: Purify, Refresh & Balance

Bilberry Toner – Use AM & PM. Restores uneven skin tone, refreshes, purifies, balances ph, addresses uneven pigmentation, reduces redness & irritation

*Step Four: Cellular Nutrition

Age Perfecting Serum- Use AM & PM; Your nutrient-dense beauty elixir! Provides cellular nutrition, brightens & balances skin tone, regenerates healthy skin cells, addresses acne, rosacea, eczema, scars, age spots, uneven skin tone, wrinkles

*Step Five: Cellular Hydration

Jasmine Sage Moisturizer: Use AM & PM; Top three star ingredients:

               *MSM: reinvigorates collagen production; fights signs of aging; improves texture & helps reduce wrinkles

               *DMAE: improves skin firmness, overall elasticity and luminosity; decreases appearance of fine lines & wrinkles

               *Hyaluronic Acid: reduces the visibility of fine lines & wrinkles; helps to retain skin's moisture for a smoother, plumper, hydrated appearance 

*Once a Week: Exfoliate

Papaya Mango Powdered Face MaskThis is your secret weapon! A must for a vibrant complexion. Exfoliates & removes depleted skin cells, delivers oxygen to the cells,        promotes a healthy, glowing complexion (container offers 10-12 weeks of face masks.)



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age perfecting face system

Posted by Tammy Peeling on 24th Aug 2020
I have been using La Sunflower products for a very long time, and have used many of the products within the age perfecting face system before purchasing the entire system. I have found after using the products together, as they are intended that my complexion not only looks less age related, but has a little bit of a dewey glow. In the past, I have used facial masks that did not really seem to do anything extra for my complexion so I was not sold on them until using the papaya mango. After using the mask one time my skin felt incredibly soft and looked very silky. I am sold! I am a cheerleader for La Sunflower and my dermatologist comments on the way I take care of my skin, which had not happened until I became a faithful user of La Sunflower products. I had not used the cleansing oil before purchasing the system and it is one of the best cleansing oils and leaves the skin feeling refreshed followed by the bilberry toner. The anti aging serum is absolutely a favorite of mine, which now, I follow with the jasmine sage moisturizer making my skin feel rejuvenated, and smooth. In the past, I was a Beauti Control consultant and swore by their products, being very upset when the company closed its doors, La Sunflower came to the rescue by appearing on the scene. I have been one very pleased customer and now have my husband, Mom, and sister-in-law also enjoying the natural blessings that La Sunflower offers along the expertise and research of two caring, wonderful ladies!
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